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November 15 2017


I am laughing so hard because EA’s “Um, actually sweetie, us locking Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker behind two $260 paywalls in our $80 game is totally justifiable :)” comment not only broke the record for most downvoted post in Reddit history, it completely obliterated it. It wasn’t just the first to break 500k or even 100k, no post before it had even broken 25k. The most downvoted post prior to this was one from someone literally asking for downvotes, which currently stands at -23.8k. The shitstorm that came down on The Fine Brothers when they tried to lay claim to reaction videos and the word “react” itself only landed them just shy of 6,000 downvotes. As of this post, EA’s comment sits at negative 557 thousand when it’s only a day old, and it’s still getting thousands of downvotes by the hour. It could very well be the first post to get to a million downvotes. Remember, the previous record wasn’t even 25 thousand.

Just… wow.

November 13 2017

November 05 2017

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He was an activist who inspired millions to fight for their rights. He knew what was wrong with our country and risked his life to help his people achieve equality.  In the society where black were treated like animal he did everything possible to change this. His brave soul, his will and courage changed the history of America , changed the people. He made us believe we can win this war. He payed for it with his life. He will always be remembered.

November 03 2017

Self-Knowledge Questionnaire













Tag reblogs with what you got.

fuck off

independence, shyness, sensitivity

Rationality, Independence, Aggression

Ambition, Rationality and Playfulness

rationality, independence, shyness

Rationality, Reverence, Independence

Sounds about right

Reverence, Independence, Shyness

Rationality, Sensitivity, playfulness

Reverence, Sensitivity, Resilience. Quite right, I’d say.

Neediness, reverence, independence…ok @ self

Rationality, Independence, Sensitivity

October 31 2017

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Inside - Vadim Sadovski

I never thought I needed to see this until I did. Wow


October 29 2017








If men stopped working…the world would continue on.

If women stopped working, then things would get ugly.


there has been an instance where this happened.
it was 1975 and icelandic women decided not to work for one day. 

working as in cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, doing chores and so on, not only “not showing up to your workplace”. women did nothing that day, except showing up in reykjavik and protesting for gender equality, equal pay and equal representation in parliament, you know, cool stuff. 

you know what happened? havoc. men were left with food to cook and children they never took care of to pick up from kindergarden and entertain for the day. they went en masse to the food shops buying sausages because they could cook nothing else, they had to bond with children they never spent more than a couple hours a day with. they struggled combining their work day and the domestic tasks they had to sort out. and this just for one day.

iceland in 1975 stopped working and things indeed got ugly.
so ugly that women in the following decades became woke AF and soon it happened that women became president, took half of the seats in parliament and achieved one of the best living environments in the world.

is your astonishment solved now?


Here’s an article on it

Very true.

people who are like “yeah, but i’m sure the same thing would happen if men left the workforce!!!” not really tho bc look at WWII??

October 21 2017

October 18 2017

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This is the face of a man who knows he just made a bunch of edgy assholes angry and is really satisfied with it  

October 16 2017

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one like = one prayer

October 12 2017

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I think now’s a good time to remember how Michael Bay treated Megan Fox. They first worked together on Bad Boys 2. She was 15 years old and he had her wear a bikini and dance in a club. For her Transformers audition years later, he filmed her washing his car, and then there’s this little story Megan told during a press conference:

“I went to Bay Films and Michael Bay has an upstairs room which is where all the business happens and he was up there with Ramone, two other actors that were possibly going to be in the film, Shia was up there, three of the writers were up there. So it’s a room just full of men, a lot of men and they’re up there talking and discussing the movie or whatever and simultaneously he wanted me to have my wardrobe fitting. So I had to come up and down the stairs every time to show him a new outfit, its like forty stairs. I’d go down to this little room in the basement and put on an outfit and one of the outfits, let’s say, they’re basically like onesies or like baby jumpers with motorcycle boots on. And I would go up there and parade around in front of all them, because Michael…god-forbid he’d get up out of his chair and come into the hallway and look at me…I have to come into the room and do a little fashion show, a little three point turn, and then he would say he liked it or hated it for whatever reason and then we’d repeat the process. We did this for like five hours.”

During press for the second Transformers film, Megan compared Bay to Hitler in an interview with Wonderland, to which he responded by publishing an “open letteron his website, supposedly written by Transformers crew members - but the language in it seemed oddly reminiscent of things he would say in interviews. In the letter, Megan was labeled a “bitch” and a “porn star.” It would be deleted within a day, and Bay would make another post on his site claiming he did not condone the letter whatsoever… despite it being posted on his official website to begin with.

Upon Steven Spielberg’s suggestion, Bay fired Megan from the third Transformers, and her career never recovered. She would later have to apologize to Bay to get a role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It’s not just Weinstein.

October 09 2017

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October 08 2017





this is probably completely off base, but what if the apprentice was asra’s master? or at least taught him what they knew? i remember the devs saying that another magician had given faust as an egg to asra, so….. what if that magician was the apprentice 👀 hence faust being able to talk to them 👀

I haven’t thought of MC being Asra’s master, but it’s pretty heavily implied that MC is stronger than Asra, soooo. while I’m not sure how I feel about it, it’s certainly plausible from what we know!

yeah i’m not sure if i’m 100% for this myself, but ?? i’d definitely be interested to see it unfold / how it happened if it does turn out to be true

yusss i’m so happy that i found someone else who thought this too!! it could potentially explain why asra hates being called master by the apprentice! he explicitly says (in response to “you are my master. you’ve taught me everything”) “i only returned what was already yours, [apprentice]. calling me master is beneath you.“

also the 1st flashback in asra’s route where he talks about missing a certain someone and faust says “where?” and asra replies with a “to a place i can’t follow, yet” (maybe bc he’s not skilled enough to?) can be followed up with a scene with the apprentice failing to contact asra and saying “why must he go where i can’t follow?

September 24 2017

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If I was a video game character this outfit would probably be my default skin.

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September 23 2017

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>reddit gets sued for Pepe the frog

Holy Fuck lol
I cant stopp laughfing


The man is working actively to take back his creation from alt righters and has sued Amazon and Google and Richard Spencer. The lawyers helping are doing it probono and they are destroying those fascists one lawsuit at a time

September 20 2017







we probably lost a lot of medical knowledge during the witch hunts because of how many mid wives were persecuted, and how men took over the field of medicine. I bet a few hundred years ago a mid wife might actually have some kind of knowledge about conditions that affect women exclusively which we still haven’t bothered to research in our modern society.

ok now I’m fucking mad

how many got killed cuz of witch hunts seems like youd have to kill a lot

“It is estimated that at least 1, 000 were executed in England, and the Scottish, Welsh, and Irish were even fiercer in their purges. It is hard to arrive at a figure for the whole of the Continent and the British Isles, but the most responsible estimate would seem to be 9 million. It may well, some authorities contend, have been more. Nine million seems almost moderate when one realizes that The Blessed Reichhelm of Schongan at the end of the 13th century computed the number of the Devil-driven to be 1,758,064,176. A conservative, Jean Weir, physician to the Duke of Cleves, estimated the number to be only 7,409,127. The ratio of women to men executed has been variously estimated at 20 to 1 and 100 to 1. Witchcraft was a woman’s crime.

    Men were, not surprisingly, most often the bewitched. Subject to women’s evil designs, they were terrified victims. Those men who were convicted of witchcraft were often family of convicted women witches, or were in positions of civil power, or had political ambitions which conflicted with those of the Church, a monarch, or a local dignitary. Men were protected from becoming witches not only by virtue of superior intellect and faith, but because Jesus Christ, phallic divinity, died “to preserve the male sex from so great a crime: since He was willing to be born and to die for us, therefore He has granted to men this privilege. ” Christ died literally for men and left women to fend with the Devil themselves.” (pg 129-130) Woman Hating, Andrea Dworkin 

“The witches used drugs like belladonna and aconite, organic amphetamines, and hallucinogenics. They also pioneered the development of analgesics. They performed abortions, provided all medical help for births, were consulted in cases of impotence which they treated with herbs and hypnotism, and were the first practitioners of euthanasia. Since the Church enforced the curse of Eve by refusing to permit any alleviation of the pain of childbirth, it was left to the witches to lessen pain and mortality as best they could. It was especially as midwives that these learned women offended the Church, for, as Sprenger and Kramer wrote, “No one does more harm to the Catholic Faith than mid wives. ” The Catholic objection to abortion centered specifically on the biblical curse which made childbearing a painful punishment it did not have to do with the “right to life” of the unborn fetus. It was also said that midwives were able to remove labor pains from the woman and transfer those pains to her husband—clearly in violation of divine injunction and intention both.” (pg 139-140) Woman Hating, Andrea Dworkin 

“The magic of the witches was an imposing catalogue of medical skills concerning reproductive and psychological processes, a sophisticated knowledge of telepathy, auto- and hetero-suggestion, hypnotism, and mood-controlling drugs. Women knew the medicinal nature of herbs and developed formulae for using them. The women who were faithful to the pagan cults developed the science of organic medicine, using vegetation, before there was any notion of the profession of medicine. Paracelsus, the most famous physician of the Middle Ages, claimed that everything he knew he had learned from “the good women.” (pg 140)  Woman Hating, Andrea Dworkin

****************get the PDF here *********************

Bolded sections are by me. Honestly I don’t think I need to explain much. We lost some of the most important women in the world, who were the pioneers of medicine for a “curse of eve”.  Basically saying if you relieve another woman’s pain we’re going to call you a witch and kill you “in the name of god” because having a child is punishment upon women and relieving their pain is illegal because this book written by men told me so.

Also check out the part where men can’t be witches because jesus and his “phallic divinity” “preserve the male sex”. 

Ever heard of the Voynich manuscript? Big, huge, herbal / medical / astronomical lexicon from the 1400s, depicting lots of naked women clearly performing rituals that serve medical functions, lots of them pretty clearly related to childbirth.

You know, this book that is written in a language that nobody has been able to read for 600 years, but nobody, and I mean NO MAN has ever even thought about the simple reality of WOMEN having written it. 

I found one blog post by a woman about how this text is very clearly written by women, and the knowledge within it has been completely annihilated or co-opted by men who now don’t even consider the possibility that a woman, or multiple women, could have written something like this.

Seriously, look it up. Naked women. Fat, short, in baths, all of it. And the entire academic world is absolutely convinced this must have been written by a man. In the wikipedia article, only male linguists and historians are mentioned, because only they matter. And every single one of their theories is laughingly phallocentric and simply wrong.  

They go so far as say that aliens wrote it before they consider that women actually had herbal and medicinal knowledge and passed that knowledge on, in secret, written in languages only they knew, so that no priest or holy man or inquisitor could read it and kill them. 

Open your eyes. This has been going on for hundreds of years. Women had to hide in the shadows, had to invent languages, just to avoid being killed by men for trying to help themselves and other women. This is reality.

It wouldn’t be the first time women have had to invent their own language because of the rights men withheld from us

September 19 2017


do you ever get stuck in between “it’s ok not to have everything on track i got time” and “i’ve already wasted my life at the ripe old age of 23”

September 04 2017


me, after watching The Witcher 10th anniversary video:

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