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May 19 2018

May 14 2018

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Literally the best post I’ve ever seen

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Have recently experience purity wank and hate going right up to suicide baiting from people whose urls featured ‘lesbian’, ‘wlw’ and ‘sapphic’. Anybody got insight into the connection between declaring this sexuality in particular so prominently and being a raging cock to everybody else?

Radfem politics (anti-kink /anti non-normative sexual expression, anti sex-worker, black-and-white, non-intersectional understanding of oppression, blatant transphobia, biphobia, paternalistic and downright vicious attitudes toward women who don’t parrot radfem ideas) have been very successful in infiltrating and taking over a certain subset of lesbians on Tumblr (young, inexperienced, isolated from the wider LGBTQ+ community out in meat-space, psychologically and emotionally vulnerable).

The first idea seeded was ‘lesbians are the most oppressed members of the community / the most oppressed marginalized group full stop.’ This not only wrecked the progress we were making in getting people to stop doing the IMMENSELY counterproductive shit called ‘playing Oppression Olympics’, it dynamited intra-community solidarity at all but the shallowest level. In practice, it’s made it very difficult for other groups to talk about their specific issues or about intra-community aggression without the thing somehow getting construed as an assault on lesbians, further ‘validating’ the ‘most oppressed’ bubble.

Then followed the natural flow of other radfem ideas, to the point where I was getting harangued by 15 year-olds with URLs such as ‘lesbian-[fictional-character-name]’ for being unapologetically kinky and defending BDSM/kink. The shit-flinging ranged from ‘other women are more important than your orgasms!!’ (word for word what I’d been shouted at by older radfems in the past, it was like listening to a broken record) to ‘you’ve been traumatized and brainwashed by men / the patriarchy into liking what you like’.

This idea that other women cannot possibly be TRUSTED with our desires and must be ‘taught better’ is central to radfem sexual politics. It isn’t difficult to see how a bunch of young, inexperienced lesbians whose anger was carefully stoked, made the jump from haranguing others over IRL kinks to fictional portrayals of various kinks and fetishes. 'Anti’ culture itself wasn’t created this way (various forms of purity wank existed in fandom even when I was on LJ, over ten years ago) but it did get a shot in the arm by the popularity of radfem ideas on Tumblr. You can see this very easily – poke someone with the URLs you mentioned above, who is engaged in a content-elimination crusade in fandom. Poke them enough and they *will* go on a furious rant against kink as a whole, liberally peppered with 'how dare you get off on that, you disgusting—!’ Always like clockwork.

The end result is that a subset of young lesbians have been effectively PRIMED for purity wank and all the nonsense that entails. Policing the content and sexual expression of other marginalized people (women, queer, PoC, disabled, neurodivergent, etc) ends up being justified with 'we were taught that we are The Most Oppressed, they must cater to us or be punished for not doing so.’

Nota Bene: Not all young lesbians on Tumblr fell for this and it’s quite possible to find bi/pan/ace people engaging in purity wank. But the above model does explain why young, educated-on-Tumblr lesbians seem to be massively over-represented in the Purity Wank Brigade and the accompanying Acting Like A Gigantic Douche-Canoe Brigade. It also explains why showing all of the purity wank to older lesbians in meat-space produces reactions that can be best summarised as UUUURGH!’

Though the range of political/social influence is different, and so are some of the goals, this is eerily like how racist groups stoke the anger, fear, and inexperience of vulnerable (mostly white) young men and teenage boys to further their agenda—all through social media.

Again, I’m not trying to say the two are exact equivalents or even that their targets are a 1:1 comparison. Just that both are terrible philosophies and both are preying on vulnerable people in ways that would be almost impossible these days without social media.  

Oh, no, I completely agree. Both are hugely regressivist political movements that prey on vulnerable people, and hate the idea of anyone having sexual or gender experiences they deem Bad.

I mean both groups even refer to straight and bi women as “cumbrains,” and treat non white experiences as animalistic and inferior. I’ve been told that using vocab common among poc is proof of my inferiority by radfems at least as often as alt-righters.

Both groups look at people who as suffering, and say, “the reason you’re suffering isn’t injustice, it’s these particular marginalized folks who are stealing from you.”

With the alt right, the scapegoat group is brown people and the target is young white men. With radfems the scapegoat group is non-lesbian queer women, and the target is lesbians.

The comparison is 100% valid.

Same behaviors, similar goals, different details.

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this user fucking hates nazis

I want to make it clear, too, that I count nazi apologists as nazis for this, too.

Nazi ideology revolves around racial superiority to the point of genocide. It’s a political ideology that should be shamed out of existence. 


May 12 2018


Now that Thanos has all of the Infinity Stones, there’s only one being that can stop him…

May 09 2018

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Flame color guide of various materials combustion  

this just in, fire is gay now. enjoy being cold heteros.





I moved into summerstock housing tonight and a friendly orange cat immediately greeted my kitties to the neighborhood (he actually climbed into my damn car). 

But then when I stepped into my apartment building I found this:

Make Chester an indoor cat


May 06 2018

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Let me tell you about Yoko Tsuno



It’s a science-fiction comic series written by Belgian artist Roger Leloup, starring Yoko, a Japanese woman, in more than 20 adventures traveling through space, time, and other countries.

You got everything in this series. A Japanese professional woman, never depicted in a sexual manner, and her main ability is being competent, knowledgeable, brave and having a noble heart.

She travels through space with her best friend Khâny, a blue woman from Vinéa, who’s also smart and competent and obeyed by a lot of people, because Khâny knows her shit.

She travels through time with Monya, a 15 years old girl from the future, sole survivor of the human race and pilot of the Time Spiral, a time machine.

She solves mysteries on Earth, too, but they’re always a mix of sci-fi and mythical creatures and mysterious stuff like that.

She’s a single mother, adopted Rosée du Matin (morning dew), a little Chinese girl who could talk to a dragon. And she brings Rosée in space with her, that’s the awesome part!

You also have beautiful female friendships, all the main characters are women. Like Ingrid, here, a singer, she calls upon Yoko often to solve weird mysteries in Easter Europe.

Or Myna, a small robot with a bad attitude that got caught up in Yoko’s friendship and hangs around, being passive-aggressive.

Or Khâny. Oh Khâny, I wanted to be her. She’s kickass. And so pretty.

And the drawings are so beautiful, look at that background. You wish you could draw backgrounds like that. (And that’s not even the best, it’s just what I could find on google.)

You have beautiful depictions of other cultures through Earth’s history.

Her guy friends are cool too.

They’re not all translated to English, sadly, but a couple of them are.


Wikipedia page

On Amazon (I don’t why why they changed the numbers of the books in English)

Or learn to read French. It’s worth it.

Definite recommend. I grew up reading these and Yoko was one of my fave heroes growing up. Very forward thinking for the time it was made. And a woman of colour as the main too! Great series.

May 05 2018






say what you want about woobifying villains, but i think tragic backstories and redemption via love are staples for good reason. we want to believe that people are fundamentally good, just hardened by a harsh world. that suffering earns you a happy ending. because then it means something, then pain isn’t just senseless and futile.

people don’t ‘excuse’ the actions of villains because they just don’t take those actions seriously. i think it’s a kind of projection - we forgive them because we want to forgive ourselves, and we look for the good in them because we want to see that in the world, even in people who have wronged and hurt us. because earth is a goddamn terrifying place if other humans really are evil, if they’re really monsters.

and idk, i just think it’s kind of beautiful that we all want to believe that the scariest mass-murdering motherfucker alive can be brought down by something as pure and innocent as love. that love is the answer, not violence. i don’t think that’s cheap or ‘problematic’ or a bad influence. i think it’s human, and profoundly optimistic in a way that few people are brave enough to be.

If I didn’t hold the hope that love could make a difference, my world would be cold and bleak.

People who ONLY ever like “pure, cinnamon roll” characters and try to buff away every flaw and every morally grey dimension and reduce stories to pure heroes and pure villains give me the creeps, because it seems to me like those are people who refuse to acknowledge their own capability to do terrible things, the inevitable fact that they have done things that hurt others in the past and will do so again (because that IS inevitable if you interact with other humans), who never question themselves, who think incredibly harsh standards of judgment are just fine because of course THEY would never need forgiveness or mercy.

THOSE are the people who are most likely to stomp on your face with a boot while being utterly convinced they’re doing the right thing and you deserve it. And they will never admit they were wrong and they’ll never apologize, because only bad people do bad things, and of course they’re not a bad person, so if they did it, it must have been good.

Give me friends who are honest about their own capacity to harm, who know where their own darkness lies, and can see it played out in characters good, bad, and - best of all, somewhere in between. Who understand when to rage, when to forgive, and when to just walk away. Who understand that other people, just like them, are ever-changing bundles of contradictions. Those are people I feel I can trust.

^This last comment. I’ve been thinking about this, and it’s not just that “every villain is a hero in their own mind.” I think it’s that act of making oneself into a hero in one’s own mind, of giving up self-criticism and clinging to an identity that’s based being Good, that opens the door for a person to do truly horrible things to other people. I honestly wonder whether philosophies or faiths where good is a thing you ARE rather than a thing you DO are more prone toward instigating violence in the name of said philosophy.

This. This, this, THIS.

May 04 2018




who’s got that gif of the guy from dark souls 1 pointing at the big mushroom and then it punches him straight to hell

Mushroom Appreciation Post

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vox machina + gilmore portraits for the new game Pillars of Eternity II

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What the-


i fucking hate how real this is

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