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February 06 2018


Uh, hello ;w; I’ve been wondering if you could tell us anything about that ‘horribly depressing Eruri doujinshi idea’ of yours (from a tweet a few days ago)? ;u; Are you going to draw it or was ist just a vague idea of something that will never be? I’m just so extremely curious about the idea itself, because ‘horribly depressing’ combined with ‘Eruri’ sounds extremely awesome to me. ~♥
Answer + some sketches under cut!

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February 04 2018

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These are the names of the 180 still-missing Nigerian girls

Three weeks ago 234 Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted from a boarding school by armed militants suspected to be members of the Boko Haram terrorist group. Some have escaped, but 180 remain lost.

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February 03 2018

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The story of Jesus’s life, in manga format….


“Dinosaurs versus meteors, round 2!”

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January 25 2018

Democrats are just one vote shy of restoring net neutrality


I haven’t done an update on Net Neutrality in a while as I was trying to find a reasonable “next step”, especially since it’s been out of the “news cycle” for a bit. Well, I have some good news. 

According to the senator (minority leader Chuck Schumer) from New York, they now have a total of 50 votes for a Senate resolution of disapproval that would restore the Open Internet Order of 2015 and deliver a stiff rebuke to Ajit Pai and other Republican members of the FCC. It would also prevent the agency from passing a similar measure in the future, all but guaranteeing Net Neutrality is permanently preserved

What’s stopping them now? They need just ONE more Republican and they have less than 30 days to do it.

So goes the next actionable step. You have to contact your senators and get them to suppose the Congressional Review of “the Open Internet Order of 2015″. 

There are two ways to go about it. 

1) Via 5calls.org using this script - https://5calls.org/issue/fcc-net-neutrality-cra

2) Via https://resist.bot/ - you can write to Congress using this site or  Text RESIST to Resistbot on Telegram, Messenger, or to 50409 on SMS. By providing basic information, you can write your Senator to move forward.

Now, if you got a Democratic Senator, push them on to find that one Republican Senator. If you got a Republican Senator, encourage them to reconsider their stance on Net Neutrality. 

We just need ONE Republican Senator and we have less than 30 days to do so. 

January 20 2018

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Loreena McKennitt - Caravanserai

This glancing life is like a morning star
A setting sun, or rolling waves at sea
A gentle breeze or lightning in a storm
A dancing dream of all eternity

The sand was shimmering in the morning light
And dancing off the dunes so far away
The night held music so sweet, so long
And there we lay until the break of day

We woke that morning at the onward call
Our camels bridled up, our howdahs full
The sun was rising in the eastern sky
Just as we set out to the desert’s cry

Calling, yearning, pulling, home to you

The tents grew smaller as we rode away
On earth that tells of many passing days
The months of peace and all the years of war
The lives of love and all the lives of fears

We crossed the river beds all etched in stone
And up the mighty mountains ever known
Beyond the valleys in the searing heat
Until we reached the caravanserai

What is this life that pulls me far away
What is that home where we cannot reside
What is that quest that pulls me onward
My heart is full when you are by my side

January 16 2018


Necromancers are just healers who don’t give up.

January 15 2018


People keep posting ‘what’s REALLY in your food’ articles like I’m gonna stop eating whatever it’s about lmao
Listen, death is coming. Death is coming. Pass me a hot dog.

January 08 2018

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Listen up folks

My name is Spencer, I’m 20, and I come from a rather large family in Germany. There are my parents and four younger siblings (2x twins, would you believe?).

Almost two years ago, my father lost his job. He applied to dozends of companies, many of them beneath his qualification, but noone wants to employ him because, apparently, he is “too old” (wtf? he is only 54). Now, he had not been able to pay the rent in a year and my family is about to be evicted in one month if he won’t pay a third of what he owes the landlord (who is also - oh sweet surprise - his former boss). That would be 3000€.

My mom cannot help out because of her metal state (she has DID and was recently re-traumatised. She can’t leave the house and wasn’t able to care for any of her children. All of the parental work was dropped off onto me and my dad). My siblings helped by refusing to take pocket money and two of them also applied to several minimum wage jobs but noone wants to employ them either, because they’re “too young” (and yet I always thought 15 and 17 was absolutely fine).

Now I can’t really help out in any way because I need to pay rent for my own flat and university.

So, I really hate doing this, but even the smallest donation from anyone could help my family out a lot. My father hopes that the landlord (who knows a lot of my mother’s mental state) would allow them to stay a bit longer, if they are able to transfer at least the tiniest amount of money.

If you could donate anything you are willing to offer to my PayPal (siri.schmaeck@web.de), you could help a family to not being evicted in winter.

If you cannot donate anything, please, at least reblog this, so that as many people as possible can see this.

Thank you a lot!!!!!

Yo guys, reblog THE HELL OUT OF THIS, PLEASE!! Spencer’s family is literally the most fantastic one I’ve ever met and they deserve all the help.

December 29 2017

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RIP Carrie Fisher (October 21, 1956 - December 27, 2016)

RIP Debbie Reynolds (April 1, 1932 - December 28, 2016)

December 26 2017

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In loving memory of our princess Carrie Fisher

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December 24 2017

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christmas eve what about christmas adam

happy christmas adam to all men’s rights activists

Please stop pestering us with things like this. This has nothing to do with men fighting for their rights. Eve is short for ‘evening’. Please don’t turn activism into a joke. Thanks.

Someone isn’t having a good christmas adam

Christmas Adam: December 23rd. Comes before Christmas Eve and is generally unsatisfying.

Happy Christmas Adam everyone

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December 20 2017



For all of you being childish and sharing memes about how the internet will be the same if Net Neutrality is repealed; that isn’t the issue here. The issue is that 83% of the ENTIRE population was against this happening, yet it happened anyways.

The issue was that Ajit Pai was a former Verizon employee who was paid over $100 million from the telecom cooperation’s to repeal this, along with his two constituents. The issue is that the fate of the entire country was decided by 5 rich people and did not allow any hearing from the public.

The issue is that there were over 2 million identities stolen (including the identity of dead people) to post comments in favor of repealing Net Neutrality, 1.9 million of them which were confirmed fake and have legal investigation cases being opened on them for being fraud as well as identity theft.

The issue is that they were asked to halt this vote because of the illegal happenings so that they could have time to investigate it, INCLUDING Republican’s, and they were denied.

The issue is that when giving their ‘reasons’ as to why they thought repealing it was needed, they gave no VALID reasons and did not even acknowledge any of the reasons that the public was worried. In extension, they made no attempts to quell them, they just called us stupid. Instead they all made jokes and laughed, turning themselves into the victims for being rightfully criticized for being sellouts.

The issue is that they constantly poked fun at how idiotic they thought we were acting, even though we have legitimate, valid concerns. Even though we’re mostly concerned about those of us who have our livelihood’s of our businesses on the line, they instead pointed fun saying ‘we can still watch cat videos and share memes’ (legit something that was actually said in their ‘argument’ yesterday). And that was literally all they said. The issue is that there wasn’t even a ‘debate’, despite the corruption being brought to everyone’s attention, and the evidence of the American people not wanting this.

The issue is that this sets the stance that we are willing to let the cooperation’s or anyone with money do whatever the fuck they want and get away with it. This issue is more than just internet freedom. It’s about democracy. And if you can’t see that, you’re beyond help. #SaveNetNeutrality

Another issue is that literally none of the people who voted on the subject were elected. 3 unelected corporate shills just decided the fate of 323,100,000 people and then tried to make ppl arguing with them on twitter sound like morons for wanting a say in their own future.

Additionally, internet access was deemed a human right (due to the huge role it plays in free sharing of information) by the United Nations over a decade ago.

This is not only an act of enormous selfishness, it’s also literally a human rights violation enacted on 300 Million people in the name of fiscal gain, while laughing at those people’s distress.

Hell, 3 supposedly Republican ‘representatives’ voted against the will of 75% of Republicans. 3/4s of their own supposed party.

The only best interests they have in mind are their own. And you really want to question why they’re so opposed to the idea of the average American being able to freely share information, particularly in one of the most turbulent political climates I can name.

December 15 2017







attention all Officials, all Tumblr users, whoever the fuck you are.

This is severely important.

Ever sit down after a stressful day, watch your favorite youtuber, do commissions, etc.? Well in FOUR DAYS, that can all be taken away very easily. We’re so close yet so *far* from possibly saving the internet, and those who’s lives depend on it. Within this blog, there will be a link to a petition to stop net neutrality from being killed. There are many people who’s jobs are online. online schooling. the internet is extrememly important, and we can’t let the FCC take it away! Instead of just merely liking this post, sign the petition and reblog this post!

>> Here’s the link. <<


we are so close!!

yet so.. FAR!!

Once again, I beg of you, reblog this post! So many people’s lives are depending on this!

Once again! I PLEAD you! Signal boost the fuck out of this! we need everyone to see it!!! We’re so close yet so FAR!!! If we don’t meet the goal in four/three days(?), then so many people will die and become depressed!!! STOP THE FCC AND SAVE THE INTERNET!




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